Billa Park Simmentals welcomes you
to its new-look website!

With more details, regular updates and 24-hour access, will become your one-stop site for all of your Simmental genetic needs.

Located on the western Darling Downs in southern Queensland, Billa Park offers access to both of Australia’s Simmental herd types: Tropical to the north, and Temperate to the south. While breeding cattle that will suit both markets can be challenging at times, when it all comes together - the rewards make it all worthwhile.

Owned by brothers Scott, Wayne and Luke York, Billa Park Simmentals strive to deliver their motto:  “Guaranteed Performers”. Whether it’s in the feedlot or in the paddock, we here at Billa Park are only satisfied once our genetics are performing for you.

Please take your time to peruse our website and furthermore, we would be more than happy to host and arrange any farm visits so that you are able to view the Billa Park herd for yourself.

Pleasant viewing!

Scott, Wayne and Luke, THE BILLA PARK TEAM